7 Things To Look For Sunday Week 12 Versus Baltimore

Below are seven matchups or things to look for on Sunday night as the Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens.

Don\’t Make Dixon Have To Win It – Dennis Dixon will make his first start as Ben Roethlisberger will be the emergency number 3 quarterback. The Steelers can not expect to put Dixon in a position to win the game. Any mistakes on either side of the ball will be maginfied.

Rush Hard – This is a game that will be on all on the offensive line and Rashard Mendenhall from an offensive standpoint. The line wants to run more and Sunday night they should get their wish. 100 plus yard game for Mendenhall will go a long way in determining the out come.

Create Turnovers – The defense needs to not only show it can stop the Ravens run and pass game, it must create turnovers to give the offense short fields to play on. A defensive score could play a huge factor in this game. The defense must gamble more in order to make defensive plays.

Stop Rice – Ravens running back Ray Rice is deadly both as a ball carrier and a pass receiver out of the backfield. He can make big plays from any where on the field and most be accounted for at all times. Shut down Rice and the Steelers have a chance.

Robo Punter Rebound – Daniel Sepulveda needs to make every punt count. For the Steelers to win, they must control the field position game. A few punts inside the 10 yard line will be needed in this one. Sepulveda has not been as effective as of late and needs to atone.

Special Teams? – Mike Tomlin has shaken up the kick coverage by adding cornerback Corey Ivey and linebacker Rocky Boiman to the roster. Also the return of Carey Davis may help if he plays. Staying in the lanes and making tackles could be the difference.

Bruce Arians – A perfect game plan that uses the running game and getting Dixon out into space will be key. The offense should be simply yet take advantage of Dixon\’s strengths. Play calling has to be perfect and executed on the field. There is no room for any mistakes.

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