Reading The Tea Leaves Of Likely Inactive Players Versus Browns

This weeks tea leaves presents a few challenges on picking the game day inactives. Although it is speculated that Willie Parker and Troy Polamalu will both be active this week, any false move from now until game time will land them squarely back on the inactive list as a precaution. I am going to assume both will be active and play though. The first 4 on the list are for sure: Dixon, Harris, Urbik and Hills. Limas Sweed in all likelihood will get the week off in favor Shaun McDonald. Arnold Harrison and Keenan Lewis have both seen the list over the past few weeks as well. The last spot is a tricky one. Do you sit another defensive back or a fullback/tight end. I am going to say it will be David Johnson. Other possibilities for that last spot are Carey Davis or Keiwan Ratliff. Remember these are only guesses at this point.

Check back here for the OFFICIAL LIST 90 minutes before game time.

Likely Sunday Afternoon Inactive List

QB Dennis Dixon (3rd)
DE Ra\’Shon Harris
G Kraig Urbik
T Tony Hills
WR Limas Sweed
CB Keenan Lewis
LB Arnold Harrison
TE David Johnson

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