Get Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau To The Top Of IMDB

Well the offseason is here and between the Steelers celebrating their sixth Super Bowl championship and the NFL combine starting next week, I thought we would have a little fun. As many Steeler fans already know, our defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was once a stunt double in the 1970 movie, Too Late the Hero, starring Michael Caine. LeBeau was the movie stunt double for Caine while still playing for the Detroit Lions. LeBeau even has his own IMDB page. As of this blog post, the page is up 48% in popularity this week. What a great tribute it would be to drive that pages traffic through the roof. As big as Steeler Nation is, this should be a piece of cake. Just email this post to all of your fellow Steeler fans and click on his page link I listed above. Do it multiple times a day even if you are board and let\’s watch his popularity rise and let the world know who Dick LeBeau is.

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