2008 Playoffs

Sunday Will Be Make Or Break For Ike Taylor

If Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor wants to put his name solidly on the cornerback map, he must do so on Super Bowl Sunday. Taylor is a good cornerback, but at this moment, he benefits more from the talent around him then his actual play. Right now, Taylor is just the newest reincarnation of former Steelers corner Dewayne Washington. Washington always played hot or cold, he always was good for a big pass interference call or sloppy coverage on most Sundays. Washington would have his moments, but more times than not, he was the weakest link in the secondary. Taylor must prove he is a worthy link in the chain on Sunday, as he will mostly be in charge of covering Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Taylor must jam him on the line and not rely too much on help over top from the safeties. Taylor will be one of the main reason should the Steelers win and likely the main reason should the Steelers lose. Taylor has the ability, but at this point in his career not the consistency. If Taylor wants to break out of the mold of Washington, Sunday will be his chance in the biggest game and challenge of his career.

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