Roethlisberger\’s Production Hurting Youth Football & Ronald McDonald House

The Steelers are not the only ones hurting from the lack of production starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been going through. So too are the youth football programs in Ohio and the local Ronald McDonald House. Accrording to the Big Ben website, every time that “Big Ben” runs or passes for a touchdown during this season, Marathon will donate $1,000 to the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. The money will be used to support youth football in Findlay, Ohio, through the development of a football complex and also support the Ronald McDonald House. Thus far Ben has only rushed for one touchdown and thrown for ten, for an $11,000 total. Perhaps Ben should of donated $1,000 for every time he is sacked this season. Right now that would equate to $32,000. Ben needs to get busy or I am afraid the youth football kids will be playing outside in their underwear and the Ronald McDonald Houses will have the heat turned off.

Just a bit of kidding there, Ben. We love you. Beat the Bungles on Thursday night and even I will donate $100 per touchdown pass, sack, rushing touchdown or drama episode. Whichever one is greater.


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