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What’s this about a Pens-Steelers rivalry? GO PENS!!!

There’s been a ton of talk about a Penguins and Steelers rivalry over the past week in the major Pittsburgh media. In some of that media, there’s been the suggestion that the Penguins have overtaken the Steelers as Pittsburgh’s favorite sons. I’m not here to talk about how utterly ridiculous that is. The fact that it’s even being discussed shows you the major disconnect between some writers and the fans that they write for. You can’t just listen to radio heads, and you all know who I’m talking about, and take it for fact. If I remember correctly, the Penguins changed their colors from blue and white to yellow and black, in honor of the Pirates, and most especially, the Steelers. No, it wasn’t a battle in a fire pit for the right to the colors. Since then, the Penguins became champions, like their Pittsburgh cohorts. Since then, the Penguins became a real part of the Pittsburgh culture. Since then, Penguins fans, WERE Steelers fans. They still are.

Today, the Pittsburgh Penguins shut out the Philadelphia Flyers, and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since King Mario’s heyday, in 1990-1991, and 1991 and 1992. Congratulations on the Penguins from all the Steelers’ writers here at MVN’s Steel Tradition. It’s not about competing against the teams in your market, it’s all about supporting them.


For the real Penguins talk here at MVN, check out The Confluence of the Three Rivers, where former Steel Tradition scribe, Tony Ferrante is holding court with all the Penguins discussion.

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