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The Walsh Tapes: 2002 AFC Championship game vs. Pittsburgh

It’s now been confirmed, the New England Patriots videotaped the Steelers’ sidelines during the 2002 AFC Championship game.

Now, I could get into a long and substantial diatribe about why the Patriots should be struck off the face of the earth, and all their 2002 earthly glory should be given to the Steelers. But seriously, what’s the point. It’s gone. It’s over and done with, and there’s nothing that the NFL can give the Steelers that will make me feel any better about it.

If you remember the game, New England took a 7-0 lead when Troy Edwards was called for a illegal procedure for stepping out of bounds on a punt that was brought back. Troy Brown returned the next punt back for a touchdown. Pittsburgh’s Kris Brown made the score 7-3, with a 30-yarder early in the second quarter. Tom Brady was knocked out of the game later in the quarter, only to have Drew Bledsoe lead the Patriots to another score, making it 14-3. New England scored first in the second half, on a blocked field goal that Troy Brown recovered, lateraled to Antwan Harris, who returned it for another Patriots TD, making the score 21-3. Pittsburgh scored twice on two runs, a one-yarder by Jerome Bettis, and an 11-yarder by Amos Zereoue, and New England added the final field goal, giving them the 24-17 final score. Kordell Stewart threw two picks in the final three minutes to give the Pats the win.


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