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Roger Goodell allows Steelers’ to stone Bill Belichick

In a strange move on Wednesday morning, Roger Goodell has allegedly allowed the Steelers to take care of Spygate in a very unique way. In an alleged press release from the NFL offices, Commissioner Goodell reportedly stated that the Steelers would be allowed to stone Belichick outside of the Steelers’ South Side facility. The Steelers would be allowed to use any or all of the quarterbacks that have played for the Steelers since Terry Bradshaw retired to take part in the stoning. The rules were simple. Each former quarterback would be allowed to throw one stone at a time until they missed. The Rooneys wouldn’t comment on Goodell’s alleged release, but the Steel Tradition was on the story, and were on site when the stoning occurred earlier this evening.

Here’s the play-by-play:


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