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Prisco gives Steelers credit, temperature in hell plummets

There is generally no love lost between Pete Prisco and the city of Pittsburgh.  Not after he ranked Ben Roethlisberger as the 17th-best QB in the league prior to the 2007 season and included just two Steelers in his list of the top 100 players in the league.  And he was one of the first to jump on the Cleveland bandwagon last year, too.

So it floored me today to see him giving the Steelers some props in his mid-offseason power rankings, placing the Steelers seventh overall in the league, first in the AFC North and fifth among all AFC teams.  He points out the uncertainty about the O-line, a sentiment shared by a majority of the known universe, and calls out his fellow journalists who are, as he said, “counting this team out.”  Pete, you’re off my crap-list for a day.

In other news, a pot-bellied pig was seen flying low over Heinz Field, the Pirates broke .500 in the middle of May and Dennis Dixon was named the 2008 starting QB for the Steelers.  Okay, okay, I made the last two up; they could never happen.

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