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New Poll: Who is the Steelers’ biggest rival?

Special thanks goes out to the 800 fans that voted in the last poll, ‘Which new Steelers draft pick, or free agent will have the biggest impact on the 2008 season?’ There was a clear 56% majority that felt that both Sweed and Mendenhall would make a difference in the 2008 season. 26% felt that Mendenhall would make the bigger impact, while 13% felt that it would be Sweed. There was a late push for Dennis Dixon, but not big enough to talk about. Thanks for all who voted, and make sure to vote for the newest Steelers Poll!

The Pittsburgh Steelers have undoubtedly been one of the NFL’s top franchises since the early 1970’s, when Chuck Noll was the architect of one of the greatest teams in NFL history. Since then, the Steelers, led by the Rooneys, Noll, and Bill Cowher, have maintained a consistent excellence that hasn’t been matched by many others.

Over the years, the Steelers have been part of several rivalries. There’s been historic rivalries, and rivalries that have cropped up over the years. Which rivalry do you think is at the top of the list?

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