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New Poll: As a Steelers fan, I am content at the end of the season if the Steelers…

A special thanks to the 1,400 Steel Tradition readers that voted in our last poll, ‘Who is the Steelers’ biggest rival?’ I don’t think it was any surprise that the Ravens and Browns finished in the top two, although I did figure that the Browns would be in first. Of course, the “Real Browns” did, with the Ravens, scoring 31% of the vote. The ‘New Coke’ version of the Brownies showed up in second (go figure) with 28%. Once again, close only counts if you are dealing with hand grenades, or are a Browns’ fan.

Today, we are going to focus on the end of the season a bit. After a conversation here with a few of our readers, I’m curious about what the bulk of fans that root for the Steelers not only expect from the Steelers, but are content with.

As a lifelong Steelers’ fan, I’ve always had the motto, “I’m happy with the playoffs, but only really content with a Super Bowl victory.” Maybe growing up in the dynasty era spoiled my line of thinking, but I’ve started every season since being a fan thinking Super Bowl or bust. Every year, I put on my very unbiased hat, and figure out a sensible way to show everyone who asks that the Steelers are the best team in the league, and will surely waltz to another title. It’s worked once in the nearly 30 years since the dynasty years, but it doesn’t stop me from believing it can happen.

What are you content with each season?

Are you content with winning, making it to the playoffs, and losing before the Super Bowl?

Let Steel Tradition know what your expectations are as a Steelers’ fan!

I would like to speak for all the writers here at MVN’s Steel Tradition in saying thank you to the thousands of fans that visit here every day. For the first time in the history of this site, we were ranked in the top five of MVN’s monthly rankings. It just goes to show you that Steelers’ fans are the best in the league, whether we agree or not. Thanks for all the visits, and we look forward to another successful year, that hopefully ends in another Super Bowl.

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